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Eaglehawk Neck

Live Bearing Sea Starfish

Eaglehawk Neck is approximately a 30 minute drive (50kms) from The Beach Escape @ Primrose Sands. It features many breathtaking natural geological formations to explore and admire, and a rich convict history to uncover. It is a narrow isthmus  approximately 450 metres long and 30 metres wide. In the 1830's it was used as a barrier to stop convicts escaping from Port Arthur. Soldiers maintained a line of dogs chained to posts to stop any convicts attempting to escape the prison at Port Arthur. Today you can visit the historic officers quarters (free entry), see the dog line, go surfing / diving, visit the Tessallated pavement / Blowhole / Tasman Arch and Devils kitchen (see below).

Eaglehawk Neck is well known for deep sea game fishing, due to the close proximity to the continental shelf. Bluefin and yellowfin tuna, sharks and marlin are prized catches. A number of deep sea charter companies operate from Eagle Hawk Neck and the Tasman Peninsula that can cater for your fishing requirements.

On the way to Eaglehawk Neck, make sure you check out the scenic view from the Pirates Bay Lookout.

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Wikipedia - Eaglehawk Neck

Tessellated Pavement

The Tessellated pavement is an area of flat rock that looks like man-made tiles, but has been naturally formed through erosion. While you explore the rock pools, keep an eye out for a rare species of sea star, called the Tasmanian Live Bearing Sea Star. The rare sea star is quite small and found in only a few locations in Tasmania. Unlike most of its species, it gives birth to live sea stars.

If you are an Aurora chaser, then the Tessellated Pavement can be a great place to photograph an Aurora. We managed to capture one of our favourite Aurora photos from this location - you can find it hanging on the wall at The Beach Escape or check it out in our Aurora image gallery. To find out more information about this amazing phenomenon please see our Aurora Australis / Southern lights information page.

Tessalated pavement panorama


Doo Town

Nearby is Doo Town, located on the road to the Blowhole. It is mostly comprised of shacks and holiday homes that have names using the word 'Doo'. For example: "Gunadoo”, “This Will Doo”, “Doo Come In”, “Just Doo It” & “Love Me Doo”. While it can be an entertaining drive, please note that some names may require "parental guidance".

Devils Kitchen / Tasmans Arch / Blow hole

Nearby to Eaglehawk Neck are a number of natural formations that are well and truly worth a look. The Devils Kitchen is a deep trench / cut in the coast line formed by the power of the waves over millions of years, starting with a cave into what we see today.

Tasmans Arch is a natural land bridge formed in a similar fashion to the Devils Kitchen - erosion over millions of years by the power of the sea, however this time the land hasn't totally collapsed into the sea and a arch has been formed. It is named after the explorer Abel Tasman what was key in the discovery of Tasmania.

Finally stop and check out the Blow hole. Another feature formed by erosion over millions of year, the Blow hole is best visited when the tide is high so that it "blows".

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Tasmans Arch

Devils Kitchen

Tasman Peninsula

There are many tourist attractions and activities to explore on the Tasman Peninsula.

Port Arthur

Port Arthur 1 300x225

Located just 45 minutes drive from Primrose Sands, the Port Arthur Historic Site is a World Heritage site rich in convict history. It is one of Australia's most significant convict sites, built during the 18th and 19th Centuries. The Port Arthur Site has received many Tasmanian Tourism awards, including Best Major Tourist Attraction and Best Heritage & Cultural Tourism Experience.

It is easy to spend a day at the site, soaking up the beauty of the landscape and learning of Australia's convict history. Take the free guided tour and listen to the stories of the past - the great escapes, the characters who "lived" at the site and the events that impacted the Port Arthur site. We also recommend the free harbour cruise around the Isle of the Dead (or even purchase a ticket that includes a stop on the Isle).

There are cafes on site or plenty of beautiful spots to enjoy a picnic. Your admission ticket allows you to re-enter the site if you want to leave for lunch. Kids will receive their own "passport" to collect stamps along the way.

For the brave, ghost tours operate at night.

Take a look at our tourist activies image gallery and be inspired!

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Port Arthur Historic site

Tasman Island cruise

Tasman Island

Experience one of the popular and award winning Tasman Island eco-cruises operating along the Tasman coastline, where you will explore caves, cliffs, search for birdlife and sealife. You may be lucky enough to see seals, dolphins or whales (in season). We have been on one of these cruises ourselves and absolutely loved it - you can read about our expererience here.

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

Located at Taranna on the way to Port Arthur, UnZoo allows you to get up close to many Australian native animals including Tasmanian Devils. As an UnZoo, cages and barriers are removed (or concealed) where possible so that visitors can interact with the animals in their native environment. From feeding  kangaroos or Lorikeets, to spying a devil walking past your head as you look through a dome in their enclosure, you will get up close and personal to the residents in the park. Take a tour with the very knowledgeable tour guides and learn about these native animals in their environment.

Further information

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo website

Hiking / bush-walking

Explore the natural beauty, flora, fauna and spectacular coastal scenery in the Tasman National Park. Bush walking tracks are found throughout the National Park, with day walks ranging between 2 - 8hrs return.

Also don't forget to visit the Remarkable Caves whilst at Port Arthur - the car-park for the caves is also the starting point for the Crescent Bay walk.

The Crescent Bay walk is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour each way, on a well marked track with spectacular coastal views along the way. The beach itself features large sand dunes and an uninterrupted view of Tasman Island. You can read about some of our adventures here.

Check out our adventures visiting Fortescue Bay and hiking into Crescent Bay and its awesome sand dunes - both places should be on your must visit list.

Coal Mines Historic Site

The World Heritage listed Coal Mines Historic Site is located Saltwater river, and is approx 1 hr from The Beach Escape @ Primrose Sands, and approximately 30 minutes from Port Arthur on the loop back through Nubeena.

This site contains the ruins of the first operational coal mine in Australia, which was worked by the "worst class of convicts from Port Arthur". The underground solitary confinement cells and mine entrances are still visible today.

There is so much history to take in. The area is well posted with interpretative panels that tell the story of the historic site. There are a variety of walks around the area, ranging from 10 minutes to 3 hrs, with stunning coastal views to take in.

Entry is free and you might see some wildlife, so bring a picnic lunch and enjoy an insight into Tasmania's convict history. 

Lime Bay

The Lime Bay State Reserve is located a short drive past the Coal Mines Historic Site. The sheltered beach offer a picturesque and tranquil setting to have a picnic and explore. Our kids loved exploring the area. And if you look out across the bay you can see Primrose Sands!

Tasmanian Chocolate Foundry

Located at Taranna, on the way to Port Arthur, the Tasmanian Chocolate Foundry offers traditional handmade chocolates, chocolate soap, candles and lip balmes. Watch the chocolates being made through the viewing window, try a free sample of some of the many flavours available to buy.

Port Arthur Lavender Tasmania

Whilst you are visiting the area, make sure you stop and visit the Tasmanian Lavender Company just outside of Port Arthur. Specialising in Lavender products, they have a great range to choose from including Oils, skincare, soap, candles and much more. Also make sure you check out the cafe, and try one of the delicious ice creams!


McHenry Distillery

While you're in the area, check out Australia's southern-most whisky distillery - McHenry Distillery, which offers gins, whisky and vodka.

Check their website for opening hours and tour times.

Further information

McHenry Distillery website