Search for bioluminescence in the water

Bioluminescence is the term applied to living organisms that produce light. Around the coastline of southern Tasmania we have been seeing a growing number of instances of bioluminescence in the water, and a number of instances where it has been within 15 minutes of The Beach Escape!Bioluminescence at Primrose Sands

What does bioluminescence look like?

During the day bioluminescence in the water looks like pink algae floating along the shore line. If you see this then there is a good chance that at night time you will see bioluminescence in action. And what you will see is that when the water is disturbed, it will glow electric blue. If the water is calm you may need to use something to stir it up like a stick or a rock. However if there are waves of any kind then this should be enough to stir the bioluminescence up and cause it to glow blue. Even if it is mirror calm, you may be able to see the water sparkling. Please take a look at our image gallery for a better idea of what it looks like.


How often does bioluminescence occur?

We seem to be seeing regular reports of bioluminescence, however the locations can vary for night to night. There is no best time of the year or weather conditions that we can pin point as a cause of bioluminescence - we really just need to keep an eye out it. So there is no guarantee that you will see it, or if it does occur whether it will be close by. We recommend you join the Bioluminescence Australia Facebook group to keep track of any occurrences of bioluminescence.Bioluminescence at Eaglehawk neck

Where has bioluminescence been found near The Beach Escape?

There are a number of locations near The Beach Escape where bioluminescence has been found.

  • Gypsy Bay boat ramp (3 minutes from The Beach Escape)
  • Carlton beach (15 minutes from The Beach Escape)
  • Dunalley beach (15 minutes from The Beach Escape)
  • Eaglehawk neck (35 minutes from The Beach Escape)

If you would like, when you are staying with us we can let you know about bioluminescence near The Beach Escape.