Things for kids to do nearby


The local playground

The Beach Escape is located approximately 2 minutes walk from the local playground.

The playground features an adult fitness park, where you can enjoy the picturesque view of the bay while gently exercising and watching the children.

The kids playground has monkey bars, a slide, swings and other equipment to keep the kids entertained.

There is also a small nature path where the kids can explore and look for frogs. A public toilet is located beside the park if the need arises.

Skateboard ramp

Skateboard ramp

If you enjoy the challenge of a skate ramp, bring your helmet, skateboard, scooter, bike or rollerblades and test yourself on the half pipe skate ramp, located next to the playground.




BMX bike track


Bring along your bike and helmet, and hit the gravel BMX bike track. With rises, jumps and turns, this track will appeal to riders of all ages (i.e. kids and adults who are kids at heart).

We recommend riders be at least 5+ and able to confidently ride without training wheels as the track can be slippery.

Away from the bike track, the beach is great to ride along (1.8km in length), and the roads are generally safe to ride along.

Hit the beach

The kids (little and big) will love the pure white sands of Primrose Sands beach. For more information see our water activities section.

Explore the foreshore

The foreshore has a treasure trove of sea creatures just waiting for you to uncover. Find out more information in our water activities section.