Hike to Crescent Bay

During summer we  finally had a chance to hike into Crescent Bay and enjoy it's beach and sand dunes - and what a fun experience it was!

Crescent Bay beach

To get to Crescent Bay which is part of the Tasman National Park (Parks Pass required), you will need to drive to Port Arthur and then down to the end of Safety Cove Road to the Remarkable Cave car park. On the left as you enter the car park you will find the start of the path to Crescent Bay (and don't forget to check out the Remarkable Cave either before or after your hike as it is well worth a visit especially if the waves are pounding in and the tide is in).

Now don't be turned off by the sign that says 4 hours return - we completed the hike to the bay in about 1 hour each way with kids in tow (or towing us as the case may be). The path is well maintained and the walk is relatively easy, although there is one spot where the path gives way to hopping over rocks and following arrows to find the resumption of the path. On the hike you follow the coastline for half the walk until you arrive at a bridge over the Maingon Blowhole. The blowhole wasn't overly active when we crossed the bridge however with a pounding surf it could create a lot of noise and spray. You soon turn in-land and head towards Mount Brown, where you will arrive at an intersection where you have a BIG decision - turn right and climb Mount Brown or continue to the beach. We took the easy option and headed to the beach - Mount Brown would most definitely have awesome views however the climb looked - lets say - challenging, and our mission this time was Crescent Bay and its super sand dunes (we'll tackle Mount Brown another day).


Moving past the turn off to Mount Brown, the path meanders down to the beach where you are confronted by some rather large sand dunes just ripe for sliding down (and what would you know we had one with us!). We spent a couple of hours playing in the water, watching the Pennicott Cruise boats bring passengers in for a looksy (check out our Tasman Island cruise), and the main event - sledding down the sand dunes. We carried a sled in with us (a boogie board would also work), and we have also been told real estate signs are also good to use. What we hadn't factored in was how hard it was to climb the dunes - as you try and climb the  dunes the sand gives away beneath you - and it is steeeeeeeep! Once you have made it far enough up the dunes, you can launch yourself and you will quickly pick up speed - the hard part is not falling off or accidentally turning and tumbling over. One problem we had was the sand on the dunes was very hot and more so the further you climbed - we had to put shoes on to make it bearable. And don't forget to take in the views around you, including Tasman Island in the distance.

Overall we had a blast - the scenery on the walk was breath taking, the beach was gorgeous, the dunes spectacular and the water was pleasant (a boogie board would have been great). We recommend taking food and plenty of water to drink (and take your rubbish with you leave).

And don't forget that the bay is in a National Park - so a Parks Pass is required.