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Eaglehawk Neck

Live Bearing Sea Starfish

Eaglehawk Neck is approximately a 30 minute drive (50kms) from The Beach Escape @ Primrose Sands. It features many breathtaking natural geological formations to explore and admire, and a rich convict history to uncover. It is a narrow isthmus that is approximately 450 metres long and 30 metres wide. In the 1830's it was used as a barrier to stop convicts escaping from Port Arthur. Soldiers maintained a line of dogs chained to posts to stop any convicts attempting to escape the prison at Port Arthur. Today you can visit the historic officers quarters (entry is free), see the dog line, go surfing / diving, visit the Tessallated pavement / Blowhole / Tasman Arch and Devils kitchen.

Eaglehawk Neck is well known for deep sea game fishing, due to the close proximity to the continental shelf. Bluefin and yellowfin tuna, sharks and marlin are prized catches. A number of deep sea charter companies operate from Eagle Hawk Neck and the Tasman Peninsula that can cater for your fishing requirements.

On the way to Eaglehawk Neck, make sure you check out the scenic view from the Pirates Bay Lookout.



View From Pirates Bay Lookout

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Tessellated Pavement

The Tessellated pavement is an area of flat rock that looks like man made tiles, but has been naturally formed through erosion. While you explore the rock pools, keep an eye out for a rare species of sea star, called the Tasmanian Live Bearing Sea Star. The rare sea star is quite small and found in only a few locations in Tasmania. Unlike most of its species, it gives birth to live sea stars.

If you are an Aurora chaser, then the Tessellated Pavement can be a great place to photograph an Aurora. We managed to capture one of our favourite Aurora photos from this location - you can find it hanging on the wall at The Beach Escape or check it out in our Aurora image gallery. To find out more information about this amazing phenomenon please see our Aurora Australis / Southern lights information page.

Tessalated pavement panorama

Doo Town

Nearby is Doo Town, a fascinating village located on the road to the Blowhole. It is mostly comprised of shacks and holiday homes that have names using the word 'Doo'. For example: "Gunadoo”, “This Will Doo”, “Doo Come In”, “Just Doo It” & “Love Me Doo”. While it can be an entertaining drive, please note that some names may require "parental guidance".